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Retired Boxing Officials
Total  to  date    (49) 
Each Judge and Referee on the All TimeList has been 
selected as Hall of Fame member based on individual
accomplishments as a boxing official, and additional worthwhile contributions to the sport. 
Officials that have worked as both a referee and a judge 
may have been selected as one or the other.
Check the link to see if it shows the history as a judge, or
referee to determine the category.  
 This will show where they have earned a position on the current 
TOP 100 Boxing Officials list


Rudy Battle

Frank Cairo

Frank Cappuccino (Capcino)

Frankie Carter

Carol Castellano

Tony Castellano

Zach Clayton

William Conners

Joey Curtis

Al DeVito

Arthur Donovan

Lou Filippo

Roy Francis

Armando Garcia (US)

Dr. Ruben Garcia

Tommy Gilmore

Mike Glienna

Ruby Goldstein

Bill Graham

Larry Hazzard

David Hess

Guy Jutras

Tom Kaczmarek

Wayne Kelly


Melvina Lathan

Harold Lederman

Edward Levine

Bob Logist

Art Lurie

Billy Males

Arthur Mercante Sr.

Carlos Padilla

Davey Pearl

Michael Pernick

Vinnie Rainone

Jimmy Rondeau

Larry Rozadillia

Joe Santarpia

Frank Sikora

Richard Steele

George Siler

Lou Tabat

Pete Tomasco

Doug Tucker

Takeo Ugo

Jersey Joe Walcott

Joe Wallis

Ray Wheatley

Top 100 Active Boxing Officials 
Total number of active officials listed to date  __96
Officials  must  have been   active  in   the  last  24  months !
Offiicials are listed in groups of  ten,  in alphabetical order, not by any rating !

Christodoulou, Stanley

Cortez, Joe

Coyle, John

Earle, Hubert

Feldman, Glenn

Griffin, Michael


Lerch, William

Phillips, Charles (Charlie)

Vann, Mickey

Assimenios, Telis

Laguna, Fernando

Merritt, Gary

Moret, Lou

Neumann, Randy

Parris, Dave

Smoger, Steve

Van de Wiele, Daniel

Wright, John

Yeats, Barry

Buqwana, Alfred

Caiz Sr., Raul

Ferrara, Robert

Grootenbruel, Andre Van

Hoyle, Robert

Lederman, Julie

Nady, Jay

Nelson, Denny

Reiss, Jack

Russell, Pat

Adair, Gwen

Byrd, Robert

Hansen, Torben S.

Kuechler, Manfred

Pab'on, Luis

Podgorski, Pete

Rodriguez, Genaro

Ramirez, Roberto

Trematerra, Peter

Winston, Stuart

Asaro, Alfred

Davies, Richard James

Ford, Duane

Meronen, Erkki



Roth, Jerry

Shirley, Dalby

Thomas, Paul

Weeks, Tony

Bayless, Kenny

Carter, Lynne

Cobián, José

Cole, Laurence

Ellensohn, Arthur

Estevez Jr., Benjy

Hassett, Chuck

Roussel, Benoit

Smith, Paul

Weisfeld, Steve

This Page is

Cotton, Eddie

Drakulich, Vic

Hamada, Glen

Maritxalar, Manuel

Martinez, Francisco

Moretti, Dave

Ovesen, Ove

Rivera, Luis

Trowbridge, Glenn

Vasquez, Nelson

Adams, Frank

Denkin, Marty


Garza, Frank

Giampa, Chuck

Kimmons, Tommy

O'Connor, Terry

Steinwinder, Fred III

Schorle, Jon

Venti, Paul

Ackerman, Don

Jakubco, Jerome

Keane, John

Mercante, Arthur Jr.

Minton, Omar

Paolino, Robert

Ramos, Cesar

Sammon, Marty

Santore, Frank Jr.

Wilensky, Al

Clancy, Bill

Duncan, Ricardo

Garry, Brian

Gimza, Ted

Junus, Machmud

Marti, Franz

Mc Tavish, Bruce

Morita, Ken

Pasquale, Joseph

Ramos, Rafael

indicates officials name up for next Hall of Fame Vote

Indicates inactive period, close to 24 months, retired or deceased.



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